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Station R is now offering Rent by the room. Contact the leasing office for details**

What is Rent by the room?

Living with roommates is the most affordable and fun way to live in an awesome building in the best location. Life’s just better with company. Renting by bedroom with Station R removes hassles like finding roommates, buying furniture, and splitting bills and makes living with roommates even better. You get your own private bedroom and bathroom for when not hanging out in the shared kitchen and living area. The entire apartment comes fashionably furnished down to the forks and mattress, just bring your clothes and toothbrush. We find the roommates for you; everyone signs their own lease and gets billed individually for their share of utilities. All roommates commit to a code of conduct that assures a considerate and safe living environment. On the very rare occasion roommates aren’t compatible, you can relocate up to two times for a better fit. The building is a pet paradise if you rent your own place or bring roommates, but we can’t allow pets in our rent by bedroom units, bummer, we know. No couples sharing a bedroom either, we’ve got plenty of other options for you love birds. The rent by bedroom program at Station R gets you into an apartment that you will be proud of and connects you with likeminded people who you can roll with to the constant community events hosted in our amazing amenity spaces, it’s a sweet setup. Come check us out or apply online.



Q: How does leasing work?

Each resident has their own lease and pays their individual rent. All applications are reviewed and approved independently.

Q: What about utilities?

Utilities are included in the pricing

Q: What if the apartment home is only partially occupied?

You’re still only responsible for your share of rent and utilities. (i.e. If you’re the only resident in a 2-bedroom unit, you’ll be billed for 1/2 of the total rent and utilities).


Q: Can I pick my roommate?

You can bring roommates with you. However, the Community Manager team will fill any vacant bedrooms with new residents who have approved applications and signed the Roommate Code of Conduct.

Q: What if I am uncomfortable living with my roommates?

You can relocate to comparable bedroom in a different unit with 60-days’ notice. If you are still not satisfied after relocating, you can terminate your lease with 60 days’ notice,

Q: Are units CO-ED?

Yes, with rare exception. We will attempt to accommodate requests for same gender roommates but cannot guarantee roommates will remain same gender.

Q: Can a bedroom have more than one occupant?

No, we have plenty of other units for lovebirds.

Q: What comes furnished?

A thoughtfully selected collection of everything you need to live comfortably, except clothes and toiletries. The Iiving are has a couch, coffee table, TV and dining set. Bedrooms have a bed, mattress, nightstand, and built-in closets. Kitchens are fully stocked with flatware, plates, bowls, cups, mugs, wine glasses, utensils, pots, pans, knife block, cutting board, bakeware, toaster, coffee maker and blender. We add a few other touches too to make it feel like home.

Q: What is shared vs private space?

All roommates have their own private bedroom with a digital lock and a personal bathroom. The kitchen and living areas are shared.


Q: Can I have guests?

Yes, but be courteous and ask roommates for permission. No guests may sleep in common areas.

Q: Can I bring my own furniture and decorations?

Yes, as long as it doesn’t disrupt roommates or damage provided furnishings. It’s best to keep it minimal.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, no due to allergies

Q: What about cleaning?

All common areas area cleaned every two weeks. You may pay for your bedroom and bathroom to be cleaned.

Rent by the room and make Station R your home today…Please call our leasing office for details**

Co-Living Rent by the Room homes starting as low as $1,185 per month!

LIMITED TIME ONLY - Move-in by 1/15 and receive up to $750 - $1,000 OFF on select apartment homes! * Must move in by Wednesday, 1/15. Furnished and Unfurnished Units Available. Certain restrictions apply

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